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I'm Ponyfied!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 10:36 AM
  • Listening to: Kazamidori ~ Maaya Sakamoto
  • Reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter ~ Kim Edwards
  • Watching: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Drinking: Water

I couldn't help it. I never thought taht would happen. But... I'm totally in love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! :iconcuteheartplz:

I always loved the pony toys, but never cared about the cartoon series. But that new one is very good! Isn't too much "frufru & cutie", but it does have well constructed characters with not just qualities but a lot of flaws and defects.

The ponies live in a society where everypony have their roles to make everything happen. The main cast are looking for their place on the world and get along with each other, and they pass for a lot of fights and problems until understand what friendship is. Looks like a clichè? Well, I DO know some people who passed over 30 and didn't understood what Friendship is about YET! I think it's something we're ALWAYS learning about. =)

The rhythm of the cartoon is deliciously crazy and the cuteness of the ponie's world is more like "funny" than "perfect". What makes the show so appealing for me is the fact that each episode have two messages: one for the kids, one for the adults. And there IS a lot of references of pop culture on the cartoon too.  

All the credits go to Lauren Faust, this sensitive woman who created Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and now made this awesome and charismatic version for the 80's franchise who used to be kinda boring.

I was surprised to discover the most part of the ponie's fandom is made of male adults, that called themselves "bronies". It's them who are transforming ponies into memes -- we can find lots of shirts or phrases on the net with quotes like "now 20% cooler", "DJ Pony", "Brony with Proud" and other stuff. Personally, I think it's AWESOME to see some barriers between "boy/girls" products been overthrwon. The bronies are a recognized fandom. I heard about "Derpy Hooves", a cross-eyed pony who began to make cameos just because she make a lot of success between the bronies. Yeah! Brony Power!

I admit: I began to watch the series because of the main character, Twilight Sparkle. Everypony Everybody says she is boring.... but I have to say, she looks like ME. :O The resemblance is undeniable! She is always reading, likes to make things by the books,  her cutie mark is a star, she has pink highlights on her mane, she is rational and don't have much patience... oh my God! I am a pony! @_@ But, for my credit, as a Twilight Sparkle, when I have friends, I make EVERYTHING for them too =D

(But although I love Twilight as "my" pony, I think I rather Rainbow Dash (the tough) or Pinky Pie (the crazy). They rock :XD: Fluttershy do *not* rock, but she is such a cutie :heart: I love her! )

I had already watched all the season 1 and the two episodes of season 2. In other words, ALL tha was released until now. Can't wait to see more. Who'd say I would be ponyfied? :iconrainbowsheep2:

Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Stella Errans
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Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie The easiest way to talk about me is to talk about my world.

It is made of writing, drawing, singing, acting. I can't live without all the forms of art -- and I say ALL of them, not just those that some kind of people think that's superior.

I love graphical arts, anime/manga and Fashion, and as result I have been cosplayer for more than 10 years.

Two years ago I started to collect BJDs and Blythes. With my love for them, I discovered a passion for photography as well.

I'm a writer. I've been working on a teenager's comics magazine in the writer's pool and I love it. But I still have a dream to write for other media, maybe books or graphic novels - it's a goal to be achieved yet.

This is my world. Maybe not that impressive by the outside, but inside is gargantuan.

It were constructed of pieces from shattered dreams and adorned with mince words; here where the echoes from my head blows and my neighbours are the treacherous clichès (from whose I must bravely hide myself).

This is my world.

Now, show me yours. Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

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Current Residence: The space... the final frontier... of my mind
Favourite genre of music: Rock, original soundtrack & world music
Favourite style of art: Drawing, photography, music & performing arts
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) & Molly (Oban Star Racers)
Personal Quote: See You Space Cowboy...


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